Thursday, July 2, 2015

FREE- For A Limited Time: Deceitfully by Leighton Riley

Deceitfully, the third in the Sinfully series by Leighton Riley, will be FREE from July 1 - 5

Released May 7, 2015


High school reunions are supposed to be joyous times of sharing memories and success...not gunfire and death...

Tate’s always been the player with a sweet heart. Payton was his “almost” love but things are different now. Tragedy strikes, leaving dozens injured and a handful dead. Now, he wants the girl who cared for him when he needed it most. 

With deep-rooted resentment toward each other, twins Stella and Sophia are not on the best of terms. Stella, always inferior to her sister, is blossoming into the beautiful woman Tate sees her as now that they are together. 
Misunderstandings along with hidden pain and love surround Tate and Stella as they step into a serious relationship. 

Will Sophia play nice and be happy for her sister? 

Life can change in a second. For Tate and Stella, overcoming their past to live in the moment is easier said than done.
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