Wednesday, August 10, 2016

Spotlight + Review + Giveaway: The Bookworm Box

Who's not yet familiar with this little purple worm?

Since their launch on February 20, 2015 - they have officially surpassed $500,000 in donations!
They were able to donate just over $300,000 in 2015 and their TOTAL goal for 2016 is $500,000.....

Wow, to think we've been a part of all this, been a part of contributing over $500,000 in charitable donations by supporting The Bookworm Box....By just feeding our OWN obesession!!!!!
To see a list of donation recipients, please visit

I've been a loyal subscriber almost since the first box!!
I've even subscribed to a few other similar set-ups but no one can compare or do for these charities what Bookworm Box has done!!
I start getting excited and start stalking my mail box the moment I get that "just been shipped" email..
That purple box is just as special to me as a happy meal was back in the day.
and  definitely a heck of a whole lot better on my ass!!

I keep wanting to take a trip to Texas for no other reason than wanting to visit the Bookworm Box Store. Instead of saying "I want to go to Disney World" you'll now catch me saying "I want to go to the Bookworm Box store"!!

This is such a wonderful idea that benefits everyone taking part.
The charities that are nominated for the donations,
the subscribers that love to read and get to enjoy a surprise purple box monthly filled with 2 signed paperbacks and some really cool swag, 
And we can't forget the authors that get their work out there.. 

I know I've definitely found a few new favorites I probably would not have picked up had it not been for the Bookworm Box!!

So this is a win, win for all!

"Helping People Discover Great Books & Giving Back Is What We Do Best!!"  ~ Bookworm Box

Haven't checked it out yet? What are you waiting for?

You can stalk them like I do at all the following places. And they always have some sort of giveaway going on:

Want to win a mystery Bookworm Box for yourself???
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