Thursday, July 28, 2016

Cover Reveal: Playing Dirty by Robin Lee

Cover Reveal Playing Dirty

Title: Playing Dirty
Author: Robin Lee
Release Date: TBD

EbookCoverPlaying Dirty


 Restaurant consultant Levi Hardt is a shrewd businessman with an unparalleled talent for turning failing eateries into five-star dining experiences. He has a strict set of requirements for himself, his clients and his employees. He is ruthless, cold and completely unyielding. But underneath the slick suits and icy gaze is a bad boy who likes to play, and he’s found a new toy that makes him want to smash all his rules. Carlyn Phillips is a brilliant interior designer. She's received local and national accolades for her work revamping tired restaurant decor into modern, inviting masterpieces; but she can’t seem to do anything right with her new boss. With a steely resolve, she sets out on her mission — to please the man who holds her future success in his hands. She'll use every dirty trick in her arsenal to thaw the glacial shell and gain his approval. As walls come crumbling down and Levi and Carlyn learn each other's secrets, the fates deal them a cruel hand. Will they be able to forgive and forget? Or will their gamble leave them both in ruins? 

Teaser 1 Playing Dirty

Author Bio

Robin Lee is a mild mannered (read: boring) number cruncher by day, a snarky bitch who loves to put pen to paper by night, and a not so sweet Southern Belle from South Carolina who currently resides near Miami, Florida. She's been an avid reader since she first learned how at the age of three, but she only started her writing journey in 2015 when the voices in her head just wouldn't shut up. Poetry is what started it all, but she's now branching out into short stories and novels. Her first book, a collection of poetry entitled Bittersweet Illusion, was released in March 2016.

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