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Author Spotlight Day 4: Kelly Martin Q&A

Author Kelly Martin

Hi :) I love reading author Q and As. I asked some of my 'nerd team' and my facebook page for any questions they wanted to ask.... this is a sample of what they sent. (I love them!)

Kelly Confessions...

Julie: Are we going to get another season from Out of the Blue? Pretty Please
(backstory: Out of the Blue is the first book in the Hindsight series. The first 'season' is on Amazon right now.) I miss Hindsight. I'm still trying to decide if I want to continue it on Amazon OR on wattpad for free. Decisions, decisions... 

Ashley: What's the craziest dream you ever remember having?
I have weird dreams after I watch Ghost Hunters for some reason. One night a few years ago, I fell asleep on the couch. I woke up on the floor, staring up and screaming. Only I wasn't screaming at the ceiling. I was screaming at myself-- who was laying on the couch screaming at me. (it was really, really weird)

A few nights later, I was in the bed staring at the ceiling (I should not stare ;) ). The ceiling started moving and twirling with like black and white ink. My husband came home and was standing in the doorway (he worked 3rd at the time). I asked him if he saw it and he said no. I blinked and it was gone. So I had a long conversation with the husband (who kept standing in the doorway). Then I blinked and he was gone. I was all... Nope. No. I didn't dream that. Got up. Looked out the window. Sure enough, he hadn't come home at all.

It was all a dream.


Then there was the time I dreamed I was pregnant with triplets...

Ashley: Pick one of the books you've written. Now explain the plot as though you were pitching an idea for a kid's tv show. 
The school bully/know--it-all tricks other kids into doing is dirty work, all in the name of revenge. (Betraying Ever After: A Shattered Fairy Tale... so not a kids book ;) )

Angela: Will you ever do a truth or dare episode?
(backstory. I have a youtube channel:) I've thought about it, but it would be hard to do the dares. I don't know. I like 'Never Have I Ever' videos :)

Angela: If you could collaborate with any author (alive or dead) who would it be and why? 
Oh gosh. I'd love to work with Nora Roberts. Maybe see her writing 'method'. Anne Rice would be cool! Oh and Charlaine Harris.

Ashley: When you were a kid, what did you want to be when you grew up?
I wanted to be either a teacher or an actress. I've practiced my Oscar speech many, many time ;)

Thank you for the questions!!! And thanks to Bookaholic Confessions for having me!

Kelly Martin is a bestselling author of contemporary, historical, and YA romance. 
She has been married for over ten years and has three rowdy, angelic daughters. 
When she's not writing, she loves watching horror gamers on YouTube-- even though she's a huge wimp-- and drinking decaf chocolate mochas. 
She's a total fangirl, loves the 80s and 90s, and has a sad addiction to certain paranormal TV shows. {Basically, she likes creepy stuff.} 
Her favorite characters are the 'bad guys'-- especially those who, in their mind, are the heroes of the story. She loves helping her characters fight for their ever after. 

If you ever have a question or comment, feel free to email her at kellymartin215@yahoo. com  
You can follow her writing adventure at

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